Separating the water from your slimes

STURDA WEIR is the solution you’ve been seeking to solve some of your biggest mine dewatering issues. The SturdaWeir is an easy to install, engineered and stamped slime decanting fence which is fabricated using TH super high density steel and durable geotextile materials.

How does it work?

Almost all underground mines are vast sumps which collect water containing particles of solid material referred to as fines or slimes. Dewatering a mine encompasses not only the water but also the fines contained in the water. If the terrain permits, collected water may be removed through a drainage tunnel, but usually pumping is required.

Water is normally directed to settling sumps and the overflow of clear water to a “clean water” sump for main line pumping. Handling the slimes that deposit in the sumps is a significant problem for underground mines. The STURDA WEIR acts as a filter or decanter which stops the slimes from entering the sumps which enables quick and seamless pumping of water.

The STURDA WEIR’s innovative design allows for easy installation and reuse for dewatering of multiple stopes and its hinged doors provide easy access to enable mucking of dry slimes.

How will the STURDA WEIR save me money?

The STURDA WEIR will separate the water from your slimes ensuring that the water in your sumps is clean and won’t clog or damage your pumps. This limits wear and tear on your pumping equipment reducing the need for replacement and repairs. Not having to stop to rebuild or replace a pump can result in a huge reduction in your cycle times, resulting in significant cost savings.

Not only will you experience direct cost savings as a result of reducing man hours and freeing up your equipment for productive mining, there also exists an opportunity to generate revenues through the reclamation of minerals found in your decanted slimes.

Consider this: The cost of rebuilding ONE pump will pay for three STURDA WEIR decanting fences

*Patents Pending – Germany, United States, Canada