Eliminating the need to mine back through the fill in the sill

The STURDA VOID is an innovative product designed to reduce mining costs by eliminating the need to drill, blast and muck fill to access the mineable stope behind your fill fence. These durable plastic industrial grade bladders are super strong; easily inflatable; lightweight and reusable.

Standard size: 48″ lay flat and/or 30″ in diameter inflated (diameter) 15′ (5m) length but length can be customized

How does it work?

Once inflated, STURDA VOIDS are simply stacked in the void behind your fill fence. The fence is then installed and the fill is poured. When the fill has set, the fence is unfastened and the STURDA VOIDS are deflated and removed. Your stope is now accessible without the need to mine back through any fill or rehabilitate the stope.

Step 1


Install encasement at the safe zone and let the ventilation system blow it up into the no go zone.

Step 2


Inflate and install first bottom row of Sturda Mine Voids (inflate to 3 PSI).

Step 3


Continue to install all Voids in subsequent rows ensuring there are no sharp protruding objects that could that could puncture the Sturda Voids.

Step 4


Once all voids are in place and filling the complete area, the fill fence is installed in front of Sturda Voids.

How will using SturdaVOIDS save me money?

Eliminating the need to fill, mine, and rehabilitate the void behind your fill fence not only reduces your fill costs, but also eliminates the man hours and machine use required for drilling, blasting, mucking, re-bolting and re-screening of the stope.